Unusual Sales Marketing Ideas

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Congratulations if you have decided that the world of self-employment is for you. It is not an easy step, but once you have conducted your due diligence to see if there is a demand for your product or service, the next step is to brainstorm sales marketing ideas. Come up with as many as you can and then put them in a logical order of preference. Your business plan will make a lot more sense if you spend additional effort at this stage.

You will never stop learning as an entrepreneur and you should be a voracious reader of books. Sometimes you can download these online and you can also refer to other great web resources. Look for membership sites that specialize in your line of business and if you are operating primarily on the web, affiliate or Internet related membership sites will give you great sales marketing ideas to help in this highly volatile environment.

Do you know what social networking is? If you are uncertain, one of your first priorities should be to learn about it. When you have a grasp about the concept understand that you can pick up a lot of sales marketing ideas by joining the relevant networking sites and setting up profiles and a presence on each. These are generally not for hard selling but are great for building awareness and learning about your market.

There must be a number of businesses around you that could benefit from a potential association with your organization. Remember that it takes a lot of people to make the world go around, and if you find that you can strike up a relationship with a fellow entrepreneur by creating a “win-win” situation for both of you, you should do this. The exchange of sales marketing ideas this way could open up further doors for you.

As 80% of the business in an average company comes from only 20% of its clients, you must be prepared to work very closely with any new clients that you get. Certainly, your sales marketing ideas can still come from “outside the box” ideas that you come up with, but see if you cannot get good testimonials, word-of-mouth, additional services or referrals from your early clients.

You may not have a storefront in your new business, especially if your website is your primary point of referral. Do make sure that you give it a human touch however as even though people may not be dealing directly with you face to face, they like to do business with someone that they can at least get a good impression about. One of your best sales marketing ideas would be to come up with dedicated human interest stories about your organization, yourself or your staff and don’t forget to use social marketing to spread this word.

Remember that sales marketing is the act of telling a potential customer how they could benefit from the application or use of your products or services. Benefits, not features are important. Why not create a case study detailing some previous experience or even a clients experience with your company, so long as you get permissions of course.

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