The Secret to Sales Marketing Success

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One concept in sales marketing that is so under used but will bring you out of sales mediocrity to fortune and fame is a Unique Selling Proposition or USP. Focusing on the USP in every advertising and sales marketing effort is the key to creating super successful products and services.

The one main reason you need to craft a powerful USP is a problem which faces most company’s today, fierce competition for your product or service. Look around at the numerous choices you have when purchasing cars, televisions, cell phones, food items. You are bombarded every day with sales marketing messages and the ones that are unique ultimately get your attention.

So your USP must make your product or service stand out from the crowd.

You have to stand for something that prospects can reduce to a simple concept and store somewhere in their mind, saying, “That’s you. You will bring me these benefits. You will solve these problems for me without these frustrations.”

Customers don’t want to remember a thousand things about you. They just want to remember something simple and important, what you will do for them. Something problem solving, something benefit producing, something relevant to their interests.

You must try to get into your customer’s mind as being first. You want to become the biggest or best at something. You want to become known as “number one” for providing some benefit they desire.

This is a key sales marketing principle. If you are seeking to dominate a market in a competitive environment, one of the best things you can do is to be first in your customer’s mind.

If you can lay claim in a customer’s mind as being first for some special feature, promise or benefit before everyone else claims it, then in their minds you can “own” that sales marketing promise. You can be “the person,” “the product” or “the business” that satisfies that particular claim.

All you have to then do is live up to your reputation – and maintain your product’s quality or your services as you promised so that this belief manifests in fact and is continually supported.

Just imagine what would have happened if M&M candies melted in your hand!

Live up to your reputation and you’ll quickly own a secure spot in a customer’s mind that will be hard to displace.

To become first in your customer’s mind you must paint a simple, memorable, consistent and appealing picture of who you are, what you stand for, and what you’re going to do that’s attractive and compelling to them. You must make an outrageously exciting promise of service or benefit to the customer.

Furthermore, you must make it abundantly clear how you’re unique and dramatically different from everyone else in delivering on those benefits, and everything you say must be entirely believable.

Basically, your USP is a distinct, compelling sales strategy that separates you from all your competitors and answers the question, “Why should I do business with you rather than your competitors . or rather than doing nothing at all?”

If you construct an attractive USP and then plaster it everywhere in your advertising and sales marketing, and if you consistently keep hammering away at presenting your USP over and over again to the consumer’s mind, in time you will gain the majority of market-share for your product or service. It takes patience, but it’s been done time and time again.

Dominoes did it with their now famous USP:

“Hot, fresh pizza delivered in 30 minutes or less, guaranteed.”

Then they topped it off with another great sales marketing idea, a guarantee.

By developing a strong USP you will have established the perfect marketing strategy to win business from your competitors, put a stop to all the negotiations with clients about your prices, and build a brand image that can rocket you to stardom. It’s all about building a USP.

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