Short Sale Marketing System That Will Bring You Leads Daily

The real estate business is one that many agents state is “feast or famine”. You might have that awesome “busy” day with 4 closings and then not see another one for the months! If you talk around your office or even to other agents in your city, you will commonly hear that, that is the nature of real estate. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad.

While there is no doubt your closings can vary from month to month, what if your bad months were still 4 closings and your good months were 8 or even 10? Would that make working in real estate more enjoyable?

To avoid the peaks and valleys of working in real estate, we invite you to create a marketing system. A marketing system is a set of activities (or it could even be a website, postcards, etc) that brings you daily leads and monthly closings. In order for it to be a “system”, especially with short sale marketing, it needs to bring you at least 2 closings monthly.

For your short sale marketing system to bring you at least 2 closings monthly we invite you to consider the following elements.

  1. Headline – How are you different from other agents in your market? Don’t say “honest and loyal” as people expect that! Can you guarantee them something? Can you get the bank to stop calling? Craft a powerful headline that will have the sellers feel compelled to contact you.
  2. Traffic – For your system to bring you leads daily, consider having a traffic strategy. Traffic can be as simple as the number of people looking at your postcards to the number of visitors coming to your website. Having multiple methods of reaching new prospects gives you an opportunity to transform that traffic into a client.
  3. Conversion – Are you converting traffic into actual leads? When someone calls do you get them to come in for an appointment? Does your website convert that traffic into a lead that can be followed up with? Having multiple ways to convert that seller into a lead will result in a short sale marketing system that you can count on monthly for closings.
  4. Follow Up – How many calls are you making as part of your follow up process? 3 calls? 4 calls? 7 calls? Are you following up with each lead via email? Do you have an email autoresponder that can follow up with them for 40 days or longer?

When you put into action a powerful headline, multiple methods of traffic, conversion methods, and a follow up strategy you will have a comprehensive Short Sale marketing system that will deliver daily leads and monthly closings.

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